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Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Junhong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., thank you for your trust in Dongguan Junhong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.! Dongguan Junhong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.--all kinds of bellows, hose joint manufacturers! When you come to this page, you have become our customer. We are committed to serving our customers with a dedicated spirit in the pursuit of sincerity.

Welcome to call the service hotline:+86 0769-23388230
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con1.pngAddress:No. 1101, Building B1, Tian'an Digital Technology Industrial Park, Huangjin Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan City

con2.pngPhone:+86 0769-23388230

con2.pngPhone:+86 0769-23388231





Production plant:

Building B, Julongjiang Industrial Zone, Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City

phone:+86 0769-22487583

phone:+86 0769-23179062

phone:+86 0769-23179063

Fax:+86 0769-22455620

Suzhou Office:

No. 21, Xiatang, Riverside, Wang Patio Lane, Dongzhong City, Suzhou

phone:+86 0512-672966191

Fax:+86 0512-67296191

phone:+86 18962132385

Dongguan store:

Dongguan City Guancheng Bada Road Jufeng Hardware Wholesale Market A09

phone:+86 0769-23361405

Fax:+86 0769-23361406

Changsha Office:

No. 11, Building 3, Nanhu Electromechanical Hardware Market, Evening Avenue, Furong District, Changsha City

phone:+86 0731-89916527

Fax:+86 0731-89916527

phone:+86 13107496527

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