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Quick assembly, space saving: towline system safety guidance control equipment

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just now,More and more companies use drag chains to guide cables on cranes.a new control system,It was developed by sports plastics experts to power the manual control of the indoor crane.The assembly of the control system is simple and fast,Only a small

Nowadays, more and more companies are using drag chains to guide cables on cranes.a new control system,The new brand is developed by sports plastics experts for the manual control of indoor cranes.The assembly of the control system is simple and fast,Only a small installation space is required,And provide a huge variety of sports cables,The system can be effectively applied in most situations.

The towline system is gradually becoming the standard for port cranes,It is also being used more and more on indoor cranes.Compared to direct towing cables,The advantages of the control system are obvious:The towline protects the internal cable.Make sure it is not under pressure,And safely guide in the movement.The new control system is also suitable for manual control of indoor cranes,The signal is transmitted securely by guiding the control cable.The guide groove of the system can reliably guide the drag chain,Cable and moving cantilever,Even with short-term high tensile loads.With a guide groove for guiding the cable of the crane (lifting device),It is easy and quick to install the control system: the first step of assembly,It is to fix the guide groove on the side of the crane beam to save space.No welding brackets are required.Then fix the guide groove to the bracket with a hook bolt.Saves extra installation time.In operation,Because xiros engineering plastic ball bearings are lubrication-free and maintenance-free,Therefore, the lifting device can easily move and position the moving cantilever along the entire crane gird by the control system at any position. Provide cable for all kinds of sports

The complete control system is independent of the crane manufacturer and can be used in any indoor or outdoor crane structure or operating equipment.

We also offer 1,244 chainflex high-flex cables designed for drag chain movements,The user can choose from which to fit.The outer sheath of the new high-end cable is made of halogen-free TPE material,Can ensure that indoor cranes are in harsh conditions,Extremely long stroke or very low temperature (down to -35 ° C, eg deep frozen storage)It can also run reliably,And reach the minimum bending radius.A 36-month warranty on all cables.This guarantee is inseparable from the continuous testing we conducted under the real conditions of the test laboratory.The test data reliably predicts the life of the cable for safe use as well as the specific temperature and bend radius.

The complete control system can be quickly installed on a variety of indoor cranes and safely guides the controls.

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